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Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoons

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Calling all Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoon fans! Here's the recipe for your favorite appetizer!

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Ingredients you'll Need

Vegetable oil  Cream cheese  Scallions Garlic powder Wonton wrappers

In a medium bowl cream the cream cheese, scallions, and garlic powder together.

Step 1

Add the cream cheese mixture in each wonton wrapper. Then, brush the edges with water. Next, fold the wonton by placing the center of each side into the middle and pinch firmly to get that iconic look. Repeat until done.

Step 2

Carefully place the wontons you made first into the oil. Then, allow them to cook until they are golden brown. 

Step 3

Next, take out the Rangoon's from the oil and allow them to drain on paper towels. Finally, let them cool down for 5-10 minutes before serving with some sweet and sour dipping sauce!

Step 4

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